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If you are ready to sell an unwanted, run-down, or vacant property in the Elmont area, we are buying! We are paying excellent prices and work with homeowners to create situations that are beneficial to all parties! We want to help you with your difficult property or situation! Get an offer today to find out what we can do for you! There is never any obligation! 

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Our process is fast, transparent and fair! We want to give you a great, fair price for your home! We have helped many people by paying them a great cash price! We close on your terms and will be with you every step of the way! There are so many benefits to selling direct… more time, less stress and cash in your pocket fast!

Let’s Work Together To Handle Your Difficult Property!

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If you need to sell a house in Elmont, we are ready to buy! Call us today! 844-265-2128
You don’t have to deal with the hassles, frustrations, or headaches any longer! No matter what you are dealing with, we have a solution for you. We are ready to provide you with a selling solution if:

  • you’re behind on your mortgage and don’t want the bank to foreclose
  • you need to sell a house that no longer meets your needs
  • you need to sell because of a sudden move or job transfer
  • you’re tired of owning a burdensome rental property
  • you need a bigger house for your growing family
  • you are dealing with property liens or tax problems
  • you need a smaller house because the kids moved out
  • you own a house that consistently needs repairs

No matter what you are dealing with, we are here to help! Get in touch with us today to find out what a direct sale can mean for you! Call now! 844-265-2128 

Don’t Hire An Agent Until You Find Out What A Direct Sale Can Offer You!

For many properties, selling directly simply makes more sense! Without agent commissions, repair costs, and wasted time, you can save thousands of dollars. Get a no-obligation offer and run the numbers for yourself. A direct sale might be the solution you have been waiting for!

    • there is NO commission to pay when the house sells, we won’t charge you a dime
    • we can close on the property in only a few days, we are direct buyers with the funds available immediately
    • there are no administrative or marketing costs, you can sell your house without paying a thing
    • you won’t have to make a single repair to the house, we will buy your house as-is, repairs and all
    • we won’t even ask you to clean up, all you have to do is take the items you wish to keep
    • you’ll know exactly when we closing and for how much, this way you’ll be able to plan ahead

Find out if a direct sale is right for you! 

A traditional sale can take months and offers no guarantees. While your house sits on the MLS, you will have to pay things like property taxes, homeowners insurance, utility bills, and routine maintenance. The holding costs can add up quickly and can quickly deflate the profits you hope to achieve by listing. 

There is never any hassle, risk or obligation! Get an offer today to find out what we can do for you! Learn about all the benefits of a direct sale before signing a listing agreement!

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We Buy Long Island Homes is buying houses in Elmont and the surrounding areas! If you have said, “I need to sell my house fast,” we would love the opportunity to make you a no-obligation offer! Learn more about what selling directly can mean for you before getting stuck in a listing agreement that may not be right for you!